A. Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Where can I buy your singles and albums?
Answer: They are available at Music.ArchiteG.com

2.    Why should I buy your albums and singles?
Answer: You will like or love our albums and singles for the following simple reasons:
1)    Our albums and singles are all brand-new original songs.
2)    Our lyrics are based on true feelings and will touch your heart.
3)    Our melodies are beautiful and you'll love them.
4)    We want our melodies and lyrics to be simple and easy to remember.  We follow the "KISS" principle. "KISS" stands for "Keep It Simple Stupid."
5)    Once people hear our songs for the first time, they can almost sing along or at least remember the main lines.
6)    Our singers are talented and have unique and recognizable voices. For example, our lead vocalist, Mr. Gang Chen passed several steps of a major audition in the United States, and was selected as one of the top 0.5% candidates to do live stage auditions in front of 6,128 people and four internationally acclaimed judges.
7)    Participating in various singing competition or winning them is NOT our main initiative, but just a mean to achieve our final goal. We use these competitions as a platform for people to become familiar with our songs and music.
8)    Our goal is to create hit after hit, as well as timeless and beautiful songs and music that people love. It is just a matter of time before the world knows our songs and our great singers. Our goal is to have everyone on the planet hear our songs or music. So, please help us reach our goal by spreading the word.
9)    We have been very successful with our book writing and publishing business, and our books have been the #1 bestseller in the world on green buildings for a long time now. We are starting to expand the business into song writing and music, and are working on making our music business as successful as our book publishing one. We welcome your help to achieve our goal in music.

3.    Are you going to produce albums and singles for these songs?
Answer: Yes. We are creating four versions of albums for these songs::
1).    English version (Full English vocal with background music)
2).    Instrumental version (Musical instrument simulating the human voice)
3).    Karaoke version (Background music track for Karaoke singing or sing along)
4).    Chinese version (Full Chinese vocal with background music)
They are available at Music.ArchiteG.com

4.    How can I get permission or license to use your songs in my albums and singles?
Answer: You are welcome to do cover versions of our songs and use them in your own singles, albums, music video, TV shows, movies, or live performances, but you need to get our written permission or proper license first. We charge the nominal statutory rate for each license like other publishers.

To get permission or license to use our songs, please contact us at
[email protected] ArchiteG.com


We'll also use a third party agency such as Harry Fox to help us handle some of the request. See the link:

5.    How can I get translation rights for your songs?
Answer: Again, you are welcome to translate our songs into other languages, but you need to get our written permission or proper license first. See our contact information listed in the previous answer.

6.    Where can I buy your books?
Answer: They are available at GreenExamEducation.com

B. Major Singing Competitions
The websites for some of the major singing competitions in the United States are listed below. You can do a simple Google search to find the specific website for your country.
1.    X Factor
Website: thexfactorusa.com

2.    The Voice
Website: nbc.com/the-voice

3.    American Got Talent
Website: nbc.com/americas-got-talent

4.    American Idol
Website: americanidol.com

5.    Sing Off
Website: nbc.com/sing-off

6.    The Winner Is
Website: nbc.com/the-winner-is/